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92 people arrested in prostitution investigation

92 people arrested in prostitution investigation

Undercover detectives spent four days investigating online e-commerce prostitution websites leading to 92 arrests, officials said.

Between Wednesday, May 8 and Saturday, May 11 the Polk County Sheriff’s Office arrested men and women who were advertising to commit prostitution or soliciting others for prostitution, PCSO Spokeswoman Carrie Eleazer said.

“The nexus between prostitution and other crime, such as illegal drugs, violence against women, and human trafficking is a real problem,” Sheriff Grady Judd said. “Whether it is on the street or online, prostitution is illegal and we will continue to investigate and arrest those involved.”

Of the 92 suspects arrested, 12 were “pimps,” which means they were arrested for bring prostitutes to the undercover location, 39 were prostitutes and 39 were “johns,” which means they were arrested for wanting to pay for sex with a prostitute and two were arrested on other charges after coming with a suspect to the location, the PCSO said.

Of the 92 people arrested a total of 262 previous charges have been filed against the suspects in their pasts, Eleazer said.

The charges against the 92 suspects ranged from offering to commit lewdness in which the suspects either posted online ads, or answered online ads; to aiding and abetting prostitution; deriving proceeds from prostitution; escape; traffic offenses; possession of illegal drugs; battery on a law enforcement officer; resisting arrest; and one suspect was charged with traveling to meet a minor.