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Orange County, FL commission votes to add 80 red-light cameras

Orange County, FL commission votes to add 80 red-light cameras

Commissioners voted Tuesday to put red-light cameras at 80 locations, adding to 10 spots in Orange County.

Officials said the winning vendor will be paid nearly $16 million, while the county is projected to collect $32 million during the four-year contract.

Commissioners said preventing crashes is the primary goal when it comes to adding red-light cameras. However, a corruption probe, involving top-recommended red-light camera company, Redflex, is standing in the way of the commission.

“One side says it is a core problem, and another side said it was an isolated incident,” said Orange County Commissioner Ted Edwards. “The question is, how far do you go at punishing a company that has committed serious wrongdoing when it appears that they have made efforts to try to correct that.”

Redflex recently fired top executives following an investigation of an alleged bribery of public officials in Chicago.

Edwards made a motion to split the contract between Redflex and another vendor, but other commissioners shot the motion down.

“They have just had to incise their highest level management because of the corruption that is out there,” said Orange County Commissioner Fred Brummer.

In the end, the board voted for the second-ranked vendor, American Traffic Solutions.

“We were optimistic that they would continue to do business with us, and we are pleased with the board’s decision,” said Greg Parks, of American Traffic Solutions.

“I respect the decision that the commissioners reached,” said Robert T. DeVincenzi, president and chief executive officer of Redflex.

Officials said ATS will add 80 new cameras under a four-year contract worth $15.7 million.The installation is expected to begin by early summer, with at least half of the cameras up and running by January, officials said.


Soon Orange County will have 80 more red light camera cash registers that will collect millions of dollars over time from residents and visitors, with roughly two-thirds of the money to be shipped permanently out of the Orange County economy to Tallahassee and Arizona. This will do massive damage to the economic health of Orange County, for the benefit of the state government and the for-profit camera company ATS in Arizona.

It is hard to understand how any County official would want to do so much economic harm to the communities they supposedly represent to best interests of. It surely is NOT in the best interests of those communities to ship so many millions of dollars out of the local economies so they cannot be spent in local stores, malls, restaurants, service businesses, entertainment businesses, churches, charities, etc.

The state government gets $83 of each $158 ticket (52.5%) without paying a penny of the high $4,000 to $5,000 per month per camera costs. The state LOVES Orange County for preparing to send them SO much money in Tallahassee.  Then ATS gets their obscene fees for running the scams.  The County gets what is left, the very short end of the stick.  It takes county officials who really don't care at all about the economic health of the county to set up such as scam.

James C. Walker, Life Member-National Motorists Association, Exec. Director-NMA Foundation