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UCF students shocked over planned attack

UCF students shocked over planned attack

ORLANDO, Fla. —Some University of Central Florida students want more security and others are rallying against guns after what law enforcement considers a close call.

“I can’t even talk about it. it hasn’t even hit me yet,” student Adrian Padron said.

Padron lives two doors away from where a former student was found dead amid guns, ammunition and homemade explosives.

James Oliver Seevakumaran, 30, was found dead early Monday morning in a dorm room at Tower 1, an on-campus living quarters near the school’s arena that houses about 500 students. Officials said Seevakumaran died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

According to UCF police, Seevakumaran had already begun his planned attack before shooting and killing himself. They said he pulled the fire alarm and planned to execute students as they fled from the building, but he only shot himself.

“Part of me does not feel safe,” Padron said. “They have counselors and everything and they are trying to make it better.”

Investigators found an assault rifle and a handgun in Seevakumaran’s room. Improvised explosive devices were stuffed into a book bag along with ammunition.

“I’m glad it didn’t happen to everyone. It sucks that he chose to take his own life, but better that than everyone,” student Brandon Payne said.

The university’s club for Democratic students will meet Tuesday afternoon to hold a rally against guns and violence.

The roommate of the former student who took his life spoke to a student reporter shortly after the incident at Tower 1.

Arabo Babkhani, who goes by BK, said he heard the fire alarm go off in his dorm and assumed someone burned food in the kitchen. When he stepped outside his bedroom, he saw Seevakumaran holding a gun.

Babkhani told the reporter it was the first time he could recall making solid eye-contact with Seevakumaran.

“As he was like, raising the gun, he didn’t get it all the way up,” Babkhani said. “I slammed the door on him before he could get anything off.”